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Waqas Malik

I have a poultry farm and wanted to build an extension of it where I could keep all things sorted. While I took various different quotes from other companies I found Supreme Steel Forming to have the best price in comparison to its competitors. They used state of the art machinery to build my shed designing was all computerized. It took a matter of weeks till my shed was done. And I must say their quality of work was value for money.


I run a small departmental store and wanted to shift to a bigger one because of my large customer base. I wanted shelves made that were sturdy and rigid enough to withstand a good beating or a run down. Supreme Steel Forming came as a recommendation when building these shelves. Well the recommendation was spot on as they produced top quality sheds, which were inspected thoroughly, and I’ve been using them for almost 2 years now without any problem.

John Leader

Being an owner of a software house it is essential that all cables and wires be maintained in an orderly manner. With that being said I wanted permanent solution and not those PVC cable pipes that crack up over time. Upon researching I stumbled upon Supreme Steel Forming. They make the best cable trays and I’ve been using them for a long time now. They even assembled all my cables, installed all the cable trays in the most appropriate place and now my software house is in its optimal condition all thanks to Supreme Steel Forming.